Welcome to ShutterPod, Cornwall’s travelling alternative photography ‘darkroom’. Get ready to step into a world of photo alchemy.

ShutterPod creates:

  • Participatory photographic workshops and events with a creative twist that engage, nurture and inspire.
  • Tailored photography sessions for people who use the services of organisations in the health and/or social care sectors.
  • Lively and informative school and team-building days.
  • 1-2-1 training for artistic experimentation.

Check out the workshop page for up-to-date details of events, get in touch here or call Josie on 07890 783181 to find out how ShutterPod could benefit you or your organisation, charity, community group or business.

Check out ShutterPod’s community photo project at Humans and dogs of St Agnes on Facebook too.


Hayle Heritage Centre’s Chief Executive, Laura: “Thanks for running the workshops; the feedback has been great.”

Workshop participant, Ali: “Absolutely adored it. Great fun and the time went so fast. Thank you for a fabulous experience.”

Workshop participant, Sally: “You helped me feel artistically talented for the first time in my life.”



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