MA in Photography

In 2016, I decided to return to study to develop my personal photographic practice.

I was accepted onto Falmouth University’s new flexible online MA in Photography.

This is enabling me to further research my chosen subject of human impact on our environment. My particular focus is on sand, and how our current use of it for construction purposes is posing a threat to marine life and human life.

I held a work-in-progress exhibition, titled Harena Now, at Hayle Heritage Centre in August 2017 as part of Falmouth University’s Searching for Meaning show. Residents of Hayle previously fought to stop sand dredging on the town’s beaches as it was damaging the local eco-system. It was halted in 2010. This connection provided a synergy with my photographic practice via the area’s rich, local history.

Please visit josiepurcellphotographyma.wordpress to find out how my work progresses.