Vilém Flusser

“The significance of images is magical” – indeed.

Eco Art Gallery

Vilém Flusser is one of my recent discoveries. Hugely engaging and a very powerful text re-contextualizing the photographic practice and our relationship with photography. Flusser considers images ‘mediations between the world and human beings’. He describes the nature of photography as a practice of magic and considers the invention of photography an event of a similar order of importance as the invention of a linear writing. He writes ‘The time and space peculiar to the image is none other than the world of magic, a world in which everything is repeated and in which everything participates in a significant context. Such a world is structurally different from that of the linear world of history in which nothing is repeated and in which everything has causes and will have consequences… The significance of images is magical’.

Highly recommended:


Flusser, V. (1983) Towards a Philosophy of Photography. English translation by…

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